Thursday, October 08, 2009

Turkish Delight

From time to time Wanda and I have exchanged messages.  Sometimes by commenting on one another's blog.  Other times by email.  And occasionally by snail mail.  Always I stop by their business, Jenkins Woodworking and have a look around.  The link is to the page where I've always stopped and thought, "I need to get me one of those."

Well, time passed and nothing changed, then Syne did a post about Yarn Turtles. And once again I thought, "I need to get me one of those."   Then procrastination quickly set in again.  So Syne posted again.  Finally I sprang to action and emailed Wanda.

In a very short time this arrived:

Not only did she send my beloved .9 oz. Red Heart (wood, not the acrylic yarn!) Turkish Spindle, but she tucked in a hand dyed silk hanky, a sample of Optim fiber, and a nice portion of Indian tea w/ cardamom (not pictured here).  Everything was neatly packaged in tissue and tied up with bits and samples of handspun yarn. 

The film canister in the above picture is to give you an idea of how tiny this little delight is. 

I swear that Ed is coming very close to creating a perpetual motion machine, because this thing spins forever.  And since I love to spin fine yarns for lace and for weaving, it is just the spindle for me:

So, no sooner do I get started with this wonder than Wanda posted that Ed has come up with an even tinier creation .   She has a contest going, and some lucky person is going to win one. Wait...why am I telling you this?  Pick me!  Pick me!!


  1. Beautiful little spindle! I have a few of his lovely shuttles ( and have given others for gifts) and always feel quite special whenever I use one of them. I'll have to check those spindles out since I think he's stopped shuttle production.

  2. Ed's creations are tools of beauty and function....and Wanda always tucks in the nicest treats!

    Your spinning is perfect.


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