Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Truth Is....

there's another reason I love October. We usually plan a little get away in October to do some sight seeing, and enjoy the country side after the summer people have packed up and gone home. Here's a little window on where we've been:

The first stop was Pleasant Hill, Kentucky  where they were holding a Dry Stone Conservancy competition upon our arrival. It was a bit damp, cloudy, and windy for that. So no pictures. Visit the link and use your imagination.

This photo is the quintessential photo from Pleasant Hill.  It is one of twin staircases in the administration building.:

There was a little textile related acquisition:

The author is Mary Elva Erf, who has taught in our area several times, but never when I could attend. If you'd like a copy it can be purchased here. Note that the book comes with a small handwoven sample shown in the photo.

And even though alpaca were not living in the U.S. in the time of the Shakers, I did acquire some baby alpaca top from the village store.  (Period authenticity is over rated.):

From there, we were off to the National Corvette Museum for a morning of poking around and lunch in their 1950's era cafe.

Further up the road (heading north again) we visited Mammoth Cave National Park. It was surprisingly busy for this time of year, then I realized that Ken Burn's special just ran on PBS. Being a National Park, federal safety guidelines apply. So going into the cave was a bit like getting on an airplane, only slightly more relaxed (no x-rays, and you can keep your shoes on). For that reason, we dispensed with the cameras since they came in camera bags. Sorry, no pictures because of that. We did hike both underground and on the surface. Beautiful area that I wouldn't mind going back to one day.

From there we headed north again to commence our travels along the Bourbon Trail:

The above photo is from Woodford Reserve....my favorite stop along the tour.  Maybe it was because we had the very personal "Corn to Cork" tour, led by a retired state trooper.

Eight distilleries in four days, with a tour of the Independent Stave Company tossed in to complete the measure.  We got our "passport" stamped at each distillery, qualifiing us to get T-shirts.  So now I can really say: "Been there, done that, got the Tshirt."!  Neither dh or I are bourbon drinkers, but the tours were fun and informative.

And now, I'm home relaxing, just like Mr. Noe in the photo above.

Yeah..right...there are gardens to clean out, windows to wash, not to mention "Laundry Mountain" to be tunneled through.

Oh...and the Big Project of new roof, siding, gutters & downspouts is just about done. Just waiting for the final walk through and writing a big check.


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Looks like a very interesting trip. Glad you're back safe and sound. I watched the Ken Burns special and it was very well done just as I suspected.Your post was equally well done.
    Happy fall clean-up! Brad came with his tractor yesterday and mulched all the leaves that were pileing up faster than I could rake them.

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

    Nice textile related acquisitions (the paca looks so yummy!)

    I once read that Abe Lincoln had a handwoven Alpaca overcoat (but the article didn't mention where it came from)

    Good that your big project is nearing the end!
    New gutters to clean, now we're talking motivation!


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