Friday, October 02, 2009

Quick Update and Shoulder Stand Panorama...

1. I broke my glasses on Wednesday. Got up in the moring, picked them up and they were in two pieces. Can you wear out your glasses? Was able to get an opthalmologist appt. on Thursday and spent most of the day arranging to get replacement glasses.

2. My new Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle arrived yesterday. I'm in love! Will post about that with photo's later.

Meanwhile, here's something to entertain you:

Umag Asanas At Sunset in Istria
 If you make it full screen, you can play around with it for all different sorts of views.  Plus there are more panoramic photo's to select.  Very entertaining.....if one is easily amused (like me).

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  1. That reminds me of the inauguration photo that was emailed around. It's remarkable really. As for glasses, I save every pair I've ever had because once my glasses broke when we were on vacation and I had to wear them anyway. Now I always take along a back-up pair.


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