Friday, October 30, 2009

And one more to go....

(With apologies for the photographs....we've had incessant rain here in southeast Michigan.)
Here's the first wrist warmer of the pair:

The yarn is Mini Mochi in color #113.  The pattern is from Wrist Warmer Pattern Generator (Ravelry link).  The bag is a little gift bag recieved from the Bourbon Heritage Center during the trip mentioned in this post. It's the perfect size for this small project and is seasonally appropriate.

And below is the Queen Silvia shawl last blogged about here.

One more pattern repeat and then it's time to pick up all those stitches around the edge.  (A task that might just send me over the edge!)

The wrist warmers are easy to knit while reading.  Am currently reading The Girl Who Played With Fire  and Three Day Road (with thanks to Shan for the recommendation.

The lace shawl doesn't allow for reading while knitting, so it is reserved for tv, audiobooks or podcasts.

Finally some threadwork is getting done.


  1. You have to tell us what you think of The Girl Who Plays with Fire. I've read the sequel and am aching for the threequel - both are soooo different. And since they're published posthumously, that's all we get. Hate it!

    Your rain translates to the rain delay in the 3rd game in the World Series today - hate that too.

    You are more brave than I - couldn't begin to tackle that shawl. That require patience and I used up my quota years ago.

  2. Beautiful work! Lovely warm crimson tones!

  3. Hope you like Three Day Road...I just loved it. I've put "Through Black Spruce" on my Xmas list...a sort-of sequel to Three Day Road.


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