Thursday, September 24, 2009

Someone has actually done it....

Silk from spiders (the link will take you to the article and photo's of the fabric.)

From the NY Times:
"The other day in a fourth-floor storage area deep within the American Museum of Natural History, two women wearing blue rubber gloves carefully pulled back a plastic covering to show what Mr. Peers and Mr. Godley — along with more than a million spiders and a dexterous team of intrepid Malagasy spider handlers — had accomplished. It is an 11-foot-long, brilliantly golden-hued cloth, the first recorded example of a hand-woven brocaded textile made entirely from the silk of spiders, according to experts at the Museum of Natural History, where beginning on Thursday it will go on display for six months in the Grand Gallery."


  1. that is just awesome!
    I was under the impression that spiders could not be "raised" in captivity...but come to think of it, they can be "kept"...poor slaves.

    Also interesting that all of the "workers" are women!

    And you DO find the most interesting links!

  2. Gorgeous, but there is no way I could handle the spiders!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Wow--Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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