Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Project Ahead:

These are some of the materials delivered today to begin the "Big Project" on the exterior of the house. This is just the stuff for "phase 1". They are to start tear down work tomorrow (Saturday?). The summer has been short and wet, so they will work anytime the weather allows except Sunday. The entire job is supposed to take about 10 days of work, provided the weather holds. Keep a good thought for us: that the weather holds out and things proceed smoothly.
The Queen Silvia shawl continues apace. I am beyond the halfway point for pattern repeats in the body of the shawl. I don't mind the nupps so much, but in row 15 there's a stitch that involves knitting 5 stitches together 5 times. It creates a little bird's eye effect which is quite pretty, but sure is a PITA. You can see them if you click for big. Hmm...just noted that the nupps aren't all the visible in the photo.

Also still spindle spinning the silk and cotton. Am way past the halfway point on this too. But it sure seems like there's still a long way to go. But I do like the process and the results.

In the "Learn something new every day" category:

Did you know that you can make plain ol' popcorn in the microwave without it being the pricey microwave popcorn and without a special microwave dish? Click on the works. I've been making it that way for our evenings around the chiminea fire this week.

The other thing I've learned this week is that the cat gets seriously PO'd if I'm drop spindling when she thinks it's meal time. Not really surprising....but funny to watch her head butt the spindle and my leg rather than try to play with it.


  1. Wow, you are a serious drop spindler. I still can't ply so have lost my momentum. Amy has promised to teach me Andean plying and since she bought my spindle and taught me in the first place, I'm sure I'll be spindling this winter. You're a really good!

  2. Oooo, beautiful work! You are so talented!

    Lovely spindle - what kind is it?

  3. Beautiful yarn your making there!
    And thanks for the popcorn tip!

  4. OH MY Yes! The spindle spun silk/cotton is a prize!

    Good link about the popcorn, we grew our own, and have been using the old hot air method...


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