Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday was the fall sale of the Spinner's Flock guild. I wasn't going to go because there was absolutely nothing that I needed. But it was a beautiful day. Too beautiful to just hang around at home. So I went...and I acquired a few things anyway. And here's why:

Because it is so black:

I brought home 2 lbs. of raw black alpaca. It is very black, which is very hard to find. Here I am spinning it directly from Forsythe mini-combs without washing.

Because it is so soft:

I brought home 3 oz. of dehaired Mongolian cashmere. Also because I know Mary, the vendor, and I know that she has been to Mongolia more than once. I'm so glad that she generously shares this experience because it's a place I am never likely to visit.

Because it's in such great shape:

This is an actual printed copy of Oelsner and Dale's A Handbook of Weaves. The link is to the Amazon edition of this book which I purchased earlier this year. The photo below is the disclaimer printed in front of that book.

Although the Amazon copy is readable, it can be very hard on the eyes.  So you can see why I was so delighted to find an "original" (there's no publication date on it, but it's certainly not 1875) that is in wonderful condition. Below, yesterday's acquisition is on the left, the Amazon edition is on the right:

Which one would you rather snuggle down to read? And it was only $15.

I am very happy that I took the time to make the trip yesterday.....just because.

Oh...and the Big Project from the previous post did not start today because of rain. But they did move in all their equipment this morning. Now it really looks like a big project.


  1. Looks like a profitable AND enjoyable day. We need to seize them as they come. Soon the snows will be upon us.

  2. Good for you! Sounds like a great day!

  3. Great Gorgeous, Yummy and Brilliant Acquisitions!

    Rain? Not surprised...I'm backed up for weeks on account of the rain...sigh

  4. What a wonderful haul....I've never seen raw cashmere - I'm envious, and can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. Well, I am quite envious of the black. When Michelle came to meet me today she had snagged a black fleece at OFFF because she knew I have want one. It wasn't beautiful, clean and perfect like yours and I had to say no. It wasn't hers and her feelings weren't hurt. Black fleece is a tough bill to fill - you got really lucky and I'm jealous.


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