Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fast and Slow....


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Go to Bonnie's post.

As for me....I'm inert.

We have a wedding to go to later today.


  1. Mesmerizing video! Two very different but valid approaches. Thanks!

  2. Is that a Louet loom? Theresa loaned me a DVD that she got with her's and I can see that if I want to be prodigious, I need one of them there things.

  3. wow...WOW!

    Better than flowers blooming in time lapse :-)

  4. Can you imagine if we were able to move that fast? I would have sooooo many bruises!

  5. I've never dressed a loom, what a palaver!

    I like the slow movement idea. I have a constant fight against harried speed...having young children there is this feeling of urgency about everything. "Get them into swimming, they need to learn how to swim. Skating lessons...ballet needs to be started early...children should really learn to read music, so get them into piano by the time they're 7...Girl Guides is a great organisation, lots of life skills...every kid needs a sport, especially girls, for self-esteem, maybe soccer?...and by the way, it's not good for kids to be scheduled more than three nights a week, so don't overdo it!"



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