Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bamboozled and Cruising....

The title of this entry comes from here: FTC Business Alert. I have to admit I'm a skeptic when anyone uses "environmentally friendly" as their marketing ploy. I want to know just exactly how they can make that claim. And I am especially skeptical when it comes to manufactured fibers. So my initial suspicions about bamboo fiber have been verified.

The new issue of Handwoven was waiting for me when I got home from conference last Sunday. One of the projects in this issue is the "Budget Bamboo Shawl" by Madelyn.

I have a friend in need of a prayer shawl. Knitting a shawl is not a timely endeavor, however weaving one can go much quicker. So I headed out to JoAnn's and picked up the requisite number of balls of Bamboo Crochet Thread at $2.79 a ball to create this shawl for Sue. I picked the color "Still Pool". In keeping with the FTC statement (above) this yarn is labeled "viscose from bamboo", but that hasn't kept them from sticking "Friendly to our Earth" on the label. sigh. Ah well....I won't make that claim to Sue.

Plans are to wind this warp tomorrow and weave the shawl next week to have it ready for delivery before her daughter leaves for college in two weeks.

Not much fiber happening today as we head out for the 15th annual Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise. Think American Graffiti on steroids.....or perhaps Geritol?

We will watch stock and modified cars from the past roll by. There will also be a few current "hot" cars. We will eat 1950's food in a tent with a dj spinning cruise music from the 50's through the 80's.

And we will wonder if we are totally out of our minds for enjoying this in 90 degree temps.



  1. We just finished with Hot August Nights and vintage cars here. It's fun and hot.

  2. I am suspicious about Ingeo. And of any fiber that claims that the processing methods are "trade secrets". Some of the chemicals used to process a "natural" fiber aren't exactly "earth friendly"

    That FTC link is a good one...and so is the other article linked on that page (about the labels)! to enforce these we have a fiber police?

    Have fun on the Dream Cruise!


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