Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I was expecting soft cover....

Back in April, Mary and I went to see the Kimono as Art exhibit in Canton, Oh. It was a truly amazing visual experience. While there, I signed up to purchase a copy of the book of Itchiku Kubota's work from the Smithsonian exhibit a number of years ago. The sample book was soft cover, so that's what I thought was coming.

The book arrived today and it is exquisite and hard cover to boot!

This is the photo of my favorite kimono in the exhibit:

It's called Fuji and Woodland and the documentation at the exhibit said that Kubota was inspired to make this kimono representing Mt. Fuji after returning from a trip to the Canadian Rockies. I totally understand the inspiration. There is such motion when you see this kimono in real life. I felt like I was soaring in over the trees, approaching Mt. Fuji. A totally still piece was like being at those flight simulator IMAX movies. Incredible.

And finally some threads to show you. The socks are Absinthe from spring '09 Knitty. They are complete through the heel flap. I don't like the idea of plain backs on the cuff (coffin socks instead of coffin sweaters....those with no pattern carry over to the back of the garment). So they've been sitting around for awhile awaiting completion.

The blob in the middle, in a surprisingly matching color (but I don't think I'll wear the socks and shawl at the same time), is the Fountain Pen Shawl (Ravelry link) from the Spring '09 Interweave Knits.

I was cleaning up the sewing room the other day and flipped through the magazine before shelving it. The yarn was sitting next to it....also needing to be put away...next thing I knew the yarn and the magazine were carted back downstairs instead of being put away.

I've come to the conclusion that getting back to fiber and blogging will largely be a function of avoiding other more onerous activities:
  • Don't feel like cleaning the sewing room? Here, start a shawl!
  • Don't feel like washing windows? Here, here's a new book to blog about!
Yeah, well....I'd better go finish the windows since the screens are out and the curtains are down.

Stay tuned to see what will divert me from cleaning out the toilet tanks...... Did I mention that I'm waiting for my 4th (yes, fourth since Dec. 2007!!) advance readers copy of a free book from Library Thing? So here's hoping that The Possibility of Everything arrives in the nick of time to rescue me!


  1. I have been fascinated by kimono for years. I have a fantasy of making one of my own.

    Oh man, you too are a toe-up knitter. I can't get it to happen. I have spend literally hours trying to figure this out and it's making me very cranky. I am quite happy with knitting top-down socks but the gauntlet has been thrown. I have to do this.

  2. Using fiber activities to avoid housekeeping? No one here would now anything about that!


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