Monday, June 08, 2009

Up North

We took a quick trip up north this weekend. I could show you pictures of The Bridge. Or the wonderful pasties that we ate. Or the fudge which we did not eat.

Instead I will show you this:

I love it! Doesn't it make you want to meet the person who thought this sign was a good idea?

BTW....if you're not from Michigan, pasties have nothing to do with exotic dancers. They are a Cornish meat pie, brought to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the late 19th/early 20th century by immigrants who came to work the copper mines.


  1. Good eye to catch that!

  2. What a great sign.

    No fudge? I think that having the courage to drive across the bridge deserves at least two pieces!

  3. What a great sign - it would make a great greeting card (who uses mail anymore?) or poster.

    We had Cornish miners here as well and for the same reason, only gold and silver. Pasties are awesome!

  4. Thanks for the giggle.

    We used to have an authentic English tea room in our area (before they closed down) and I loved their pasties, so that was the first thing I thought about as I read this post. Of course, they pronounced it "pahs - ties". :)

  5. It looks like it should be from a bizarro or far side cartoon. Lot's of people wandering around with their heads in books!


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