Saturday, June 20, 2009

Michigan Wildflowers - June Edition

We had heavy, heavy rains with thunderstorms all through the night last night. This morning the rain had stopped, though the skies were still threatening. But I went to the park for my morning walk anyway.

The stream that usually looks like this:
Looked like this:
The pond was overflowing and the workers were mucking out the spill-way. You could see that the pond had been at least 6 feet further up the bank through the night. (Those pictures didn't turn out.)

Fearing that the wildflowers I had wanted to photograph all week might be beaten down by the rain, I took the camera with me anyway. This was the worst of the flower damage:

Beardtongue, after a shower. If you click for big, you can see the "hairy tongue" along with the hairs along the petals.

More Beardtongue

Moth Mullein in yellow and white

My Peterson Guide says that Moth Mullien is alien to this area, but the Audubon Guide says it runs from Ontario to New Hampshire and south to Michigan would be included in that geography (considering the size of Ontario!)

Evening Lychnis or White Campion

I wish there was a way to upload the fragrance of this meadow as I walk through it, especially on a breezy day like today.

I love wildflowers, which makes me wonder why I bother with cultivated flowers in beds around the house. At this point the deer have eaten all the buds off the Echinacea and Sweet William. And the ornamental lilies haven't bloomed yet, so I probably should check and see if they were also part of the deer's salad bar.

Still no fiber activity to report. However, I found myself wanting to chew my fingernails last night. I was a "congenital nail biter" from the time I can remember until I left for college at 18. I don't remember intentionally quitting, but I haven't bitten a fingernail in all these years. So I'm thinking that maybe my hands are trying to tell me something. Perhaps I'll set the wheel in front of my chair tonight when we pop a movie into the dvd player.


  1. I do love the wildflowers but I think it's because they're such an anomaly in all our harsh drab. No deer here but the rabbits do love Echinacea and Sweet William. If we want stuff like that, we plant it in elevated tubs. I realize that won't work for deer.

    We watched "Run Fat Boy Run" tonight - a British production. Funny and light - just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Beautiful Moth Mullien! I had a yellow one last summer, but it did not return...

    We watched "Gran Torino"...mixed emotions about it, but loved the way Eastwood growled.

    Hope you got to spinning up somethin.....put yer fingernails to work! ...I find mine to be great tools for quickly removing a nub before letting a length wind on :-)

  3. Thanks for the quick tour! I love a walk in wildflowers!
    And spinning is a good thing to keep the hands occupied while the mind watches a movie.

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