Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Dear readers,

I've been meaning to update my blog. That's been my intention. But there has been very little fibering here....tho' getting to the fiber has also been my intention. Someday I will do a blog post about intention.

But after such a long winter, I've been a little like this mayapple.

Just kind of hiding out under the newly sprung leafy green:
But, let's take a look at the situation head on:
Spring is flying fast. The trillium are almost done and the false solomon's seal is in bud:

The lilacs are completing their task of filling the air with their heady perfume (achoo!):
Jack's in his pulpit, this one sermonizing behind the fence, amid the rocks:
(What's that hymn about "let my heart be good soil"?)
And the wild geraniums are abundant:

I suspect this is the view the deer take of our new front door as they mosey on up to munch on my hostas and echinacea:
Volunteers are popping up in the most unexpected places. One must take advantage of this and turn some of them into permanent recruits:

And there are always party crashers to contend with (poison ivy):
Now out of the wild places to tame the flower beds:
Maybe next time you can join me for breakfast on the patio? We might even knit or spin a yarn.


  1. sigh...spring is so worth waiting for, eh? lovely post!

    ps...your jack has two leaves, which might make it a jill! you will need to lift the flap, and look at the base of the spadix to make sure :-)

  2. Yes, spring has a way of demanding our attention and energies. Beautiful photos!

  3. Well, aren't things looking great in your garden! Your garden is ahead of mine, but not by too much! That jack in the pulpit is just lovely! I have some coming in the woods, and enjoyed seeing yours!
    It's spring and we all need a little time outdoors, even if it takes us away from weaving!

  4. Oh what a nice post! Thanks for that...I'm surprised how forward your garden is compared to mine. I must take a look at your location again...can't recall where you are. The last several years we have been about a month behind our usual, with really long cold winters. Our climate is definitely changing.

  5. Our tulips are up, but definitely no sign of lilacs anywhere... frost again last night. The lettuce is planted however...

    Great photos!

  6. Your yard and your plants are so stunning. I struggle with yard envy on occasion because we will always have what will survive, not what is pretty. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    I sit here with the window open, listening to the songbirds in the front yard - so lovely and grateful for our feeders as they migrate through.

  7. Hey Valerie! Your greeting card awaits your snail mail address. Do send it along to


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