Friday, April 24, 2009

What would you do? (for all the gardeners out there)

Last week I went to C*stc* know, that place you go to buy some specific thing which they carry at a good price if you can use it in large volumes?

In our case there are four specific things: raw almonds, Nonni's biscotti, frozen blueberries, and frozen three berry blend with no strawberries (I'm allergic).

However, there is some gravitational force in that place that sucks you to a display for something that you maybe had in the back of your mind, but weren't really serious about purchasing. There's the display....then there's the price...the same price you would pay for half the volume. The deal is too good to be true. Before you know it, the stuff jumps into your cart and hangs on while you make it the checkout counter. It fills up the trunk of your car where you don't have to look at it again until you get it home.

Upon arriving home, you open the trunk and it hits you, "What am I going to do with all this stuff?"

Last week it was flower bulbs. It started with lilies....Scheherzade ornamental lillies. I have some of these in the ground....they are getting old and not blooming like they used to (if at all). I know what I paid for the ones that are in the ground and I got 18 bulbs for less than I paid for 4 that are in the ground.

But the lilies aren't the problem. I have planted all 18 of those bulbs in just the spots where I want them.

And there were peony corms. Now I know that those peonies won't bloom this year. They probably won't even bloom next year or perhaps the year after. But I've had two lonely peony plants for the past 8-9 years. Every year, they are beautiful and they cry out to me that they would like some friends. See:
But the 6 peony corms are not the problem, they are in the ground already.

The problems are the 20 Caladium bulbs:

They like shade. I have shade. I usually plant impatiens in the particular shady spot I have in mind, but impatiens haven't done so well the past two years. So I bought the bag of bulbs, not knowing much about them.

Turns out they are tender. Recommendations are to wait until the soil has warmed and danger of frost damage is past, or start them in peat pots. That would be 20 four inch peat pots (!). Last year our last frost was Memorial Day weekend.

This weekend is supposed to be 80 degrees all weekend (and it is today already). What d'ya I dink around and put them all in peat pots (20 of them!) to nurse indoors for the next month? Or do I just take my chances and put them in the ground? This week? Or Mother's Day weekend?

Remind me to stay out of C*stc*.


  1. Can't help you there. I go to C*stc* once a week. The trick is to get friends to split your purchases with - we have a buying club at work. No one has fresher produce and it's half the cost. I just paid $3.49 for a gallon of Vlasic dill pickles, but actually I'll eat them all myself. I share the jars with friends for sun tea.

    I think it's interesting how their spring offerings differ from region to region - no bulbs here. Ours is just now running out of all the trees they got in the first of the month. I had son Josh swing by and pick up two Austrian pines and bring them out when he came for Easter. I wish I would have bought five!

    I'm a bit of a C*stc* junkie actually. You got a great deal - see how much help I am?!

  2. I don't have one of those here;) We have S*stc* C*stc*. Lol ;) I'm a little new to gardening and am looking forward to how this turns out for about a half and half? That way you'll know just how sensitive they are;)

  3. Hold half, plant the other half. Unless hardy, I don't plant anything up here in the mountains until after Memorial Day. Of course then the deer are overjoyed we have put a buffet out for them....

  4. That "C" store is a dangerous place. I love to go there, but always seem to come home with something not originally on the list. Since I am not much of a gardener, don't know what would be best for the bulbs. Sounds like you got some excellent buys, however.

  5. I'm a sucker for caladium so I know just how that bag jumped into your cart! I usually start them outside and just wait until they catch up with all the other plants. I have to warn you the deer love them too!

  6. I think it a great time to plant!

    (chuckles to herself after just coming inside from shaking the heavy wet snow off her new little plants.)


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