Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live and Let Dye

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Saturday was Dye Day for Michigan Weavers Guild. Our mission was to bring color to as many cellulose based fibers as possible for inclusion in future warps, baskets, and finished textiles.

The director of the mission was Jeanne Seitz:
Who is otherwise known as "M" on most of the "Bond Missions".

Curiously, "M" also acted as "Q" on this mission as she provided the tools and gadgets needed for a successful mission completion.

Sufficiently armed with urea water, Procion MX dyes, fixative, plastic wrap, gloves, and various means of dye application... Fourteen of us set out on our colorful mission.

Primary color combinations were often used:
Kiwi Green was probably the most used color of the vast selection available:
Though Kiwi Green is not my favorite color, I will admit to it's usefulness in helping other colors to harmonize. I too succumbed to "Kiwi Fever" as you will see below.

Some of us felt the need for an orchesteral arrangement of color:
Others were more circumspect:
All of us came home with little wrapped bundles of color that looked like this:
However, I don't think any of us drove home in an Aston Martin.
(I'm pretty sure I would have noticed that.)

The bundles required at least 4 hours of rest to set the color into the fiber. A few of us (at least one) allowed them to set for about 24 hours (ahem).

Mission Completion:
A supplemenatary warp of a rayon/cotton ribbon yarn.

A rainbow warp with complimentary weft. The fiber is a cotton/silk mill end acquired from Nan's stash, originally documented here.

And this is a double warp chain of the rayon/silk yarn that I obtained from Tim in the Pay it Forward Stash Exchange. Note that this fiber takes up dye very nicely. Also note that I succumbed to the Kiwi Green.

Next mission: Get those warps on the loom and woven!!


  1. This kind of dyeing is so much fun. I love the colorways!

  2. Nice results (you can hardly call that work..sounds like play!)

    ...good tip about the kiwi :-)

  3. I love the colors in your results, but I also like kiwi green. I have no experience dyeing cellulose fibers. You're sounding like Leigh. Maybe when I have time on my hands, in say, two months...


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