Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Finish to Start (instead of start to finish); Stupid April Fool's Day

There are a few finished things to document here.

First the differential shrinkage scarf based on the samples shown in the previous post:
I love the ruched effect effect of the fabric brought about by the shrinking merino wool warp stripes against the non-shrinking Noro Silk sock yarn in the warp, and the raw silk in the weft.
I decided to serge the ends then do a blanket stitch by hand with the wool yarn. You can see that detail below. (Click both pictures for big....I think it's worth the view. But then again, I'm a fabric nerd.)

Next we have a finished prayer shawl (at last!). This the second one I've made from this yarn. It is Iceberg, a Hayfield yarn from a long time ago. I still have 3 balls of that yarn, which I think will be donated to the prayer shawl group when I hand in this shawl. I am so tired of working with no color.
Now, these socks have taken about two years to complete. (I'm too lazy to go back and check the blog archives right now.) They were started with too few stitches. Then they were started with too many stitches. Then they had red heels and they had to be ripped. Next they had red stripes at the cuff, and those had to be ripped. Honestly, the yarn almost made it into the "donate pile" so many times. The yarn is Opal sock yarn. I think some of my difficulty with these socks is that they just looked too much like a guy's hunting or work socks. Yet, neither of my guys wanted socks that looked like this ..... (do you think it had something to do with the red toes?)
Oh last they are done, and they are comfy, even if I'm not wild about the look of the yarn knitted up. And below is a shot with the cat, to once again prove that even at 5 years old, this animal is still only when she sleeps. She looks like one of those cartoons of a swiveling head in this shot.
Finishing projects allows one to begin new ones. These socks are ones that I am in love with. The yarn is Lang 'Woll Silk": 55% wool, 25% nylon, 20% silk. They have such a wonderful feel! The pattern is from Cat Bordhi's last book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One
I figure they will be finished when I watch CSI tomorrow night. Two weeks for these socks vs. two years for the previous ones....go figure.
And this is a new sample warp on the loom:
It's a thick and thin 4 harness weave based on the draft in The Best of Weaver's: Thick'n Thin. The thick yarn is a slubby pastel variegated cotton at 840 ypp. from the stash given to me by N. last week. The thin yarns are two different shades of green in 10/2 mercerized cotton.

I was thinking that this fabric would make a nice blanket for Project Linus. But it's not thick enough. Perhaps I will open up the sett a bit more after I weave a few more inches like this. Hard to tell what this will become until it's off the loom and wet finished. Stay tuned.

That's it. No new spinning projects because neither of the current spinning projects is complete.

I am so tired today......couldn't sleep last night until about 4:30 AM. Then the trash had to be put out by 7:00 AM. Came back and crawled back in bed and the phone rang. It was the dr.'s office to confirm my appt. for April 2nd. (was this some kind of April Fool's joke? My appt. is April 16. No joke, just mis-scheduled. ) We got that take care of. I am indeed scheduled for the 16th.

Went back to bed...the phone rang again. Ds calling from work: "Mom we have a message from IT regarding the conficker virus saying that for safety's sake our home computers should be offline as much as possible today." Okay...came downstairs and turned off the wireless router....then crawled back in bed.

Phone rang again:
Message for my dh, who is in California. The message said that our new car is in and ready for pick up. Uhmmmm.....we aren't expecting a new car (Again, no joke...the car is there). Called dh in Ca. where it was three hours earlier. What the heck, if I can't sleep, he can't either. He'll take care of it.

Got out of bed and put on my new yoga pants. The ones I always buy in the size I always buy them, so I took off and tossed the tags before putting them on the shelf last week. The pants were too in "pull them up and the fall back down" big. I still had the receipt and the was able to return them. Not a trip I had planned. And maybe I should be happy that the smaller size fits (shrug). Who knows why....

I'm going to bed early tonight. You know, maybe I should look around for a hidden camera before turning in....That is just too many coincidences.


  1. Wow - you have a lot going on!!! It's encouraging to hear that your second pair of socks is going so quickly - because my first pair of socks took me years also - with stops and restarts.....and I've delayed starting a second pair because I'm afraid I won't have the patience to go through that again.

    But if you learned - and obviously you did - maybe I can too!

    The sample on the loom looks great. I definitely want to try blankets on my loom once I get a bit more experience.

    Good job with the differential shrinkage!! Another thing on my "to try" list!!!

    Happy April Fool's Day!!


  2. Scarf is particularly smashing! You must be very pleased.

  3. Wow! You've been very busy!

    I really love your scarf (but, then again, I'm a little biased about the differential shrinkage technique). You really achieved some nice texture and I'm guessing it's very soft.

    I just love the merino as my "shrinky" yarn. In fact, I don't think I've ever woven a project where I haven't abused my merino in the finishing process to create texture.

    I also *love* those socks. The contrast between the toe and sock body is great!

    ...and, of course, I love the new socks you're knitting. They're gorgeous (and look complicated).

  4. Wow--the ruched effect is very cool! You are master of your cloth! Nice to be able to control shrinkage --well done!

    Your April Fool's Day was certainly amusing...nothing much happened to me, except for that frog with a beard that I saw....

  5. I change my vote - don't iron. You were right about the shrinkage differential. It's a great effect and give the scarf the "wow" factor.

    Thanks for sharing your day. I had to laugh because, well, it was just pretty funny. Not to you, of course. Hope you had a better night.


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