Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The socks....they're done. And they've inspired a haiku. Sock details here (Ravelry link).

Knitting Socks:

Silky loops of yarn
with rhythmic needle motion.
In ten days: two socks.

Also...please read Wanda's Mother-of-the-Bride Haiku in these Comments.

(Is poetry month starting to seem long to you, dear readers?)


  1. And they look great. I've got back to being a one-note sally - I only have one pattern that actually feels good to wear and a drawer full of socks that look good but feel bad.

  2. Beautious socks!

    Nice Haiku to go with them!

    poetry month is flying by...

  3. Taxing Poetry

    T'is poetry month
    Daily readings ease frantic
    Annual tax filing.

    I see that the pattern calls for 460 yards. Did you use all of it? These are great looking socks.


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