Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ample Samples - Happy Easter

I've been sampling with one of the yarns that Nan gave me. It's a slubby cotton at about 825 ypp. with short pastel color runs through it. The weave structure is a thick and thin with some 10/2 merc. cotton that I had on hand. I first blogged about this at the end of this post:

It looks very like Easter with it's pastel colors as in these Jordan almonds. What you see in this photo are the three different setts I've tried so far. The warp order is two 10/2 ends followed by one slubby end.

The warp in the top left corner is sett at 24 epi. Moving clockwise, the sett in the next sample is 30 epi. Note the blocks are smaller. The sample currently on the loom is sett at 12 epi. I've tried to treadle the blocks to square, but it's been more challenging to do so on the current open sett. I think I will try one more sett at 15 epi.

The fabric in each sample is very different, with different possible end uses. They haven't been wet finished yet, so I hesitate to draw any firm conclusions about them. I would like to make a fabric that would produce a nice shawl to use up this yarn and donate it to the prayer shawl ministry. It seems that a soft, washable cotton shawl would have it's uses in Michigan summer.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you too!

  2. They're wonderfully spring like. Wet finishing is always so much fun. And inspiring! Happy Easter!

  3. I want the one on the right as fabric for a elbow length jacket with turned up cuff. Is it log cabin? Great stuff!!!


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