Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Those Colors?

This is what has become of them:

An inkle band
It's kind of hard to distinguish the red from the orange in this photo. The solid stripes to each side are orange. The red is dotted with the yellow. Perhaps that's why it reads more as orange in the photo.

I had a plan for the inkle band, but the first cone of black yarn was very tender and that is the black in the warp. I returned that bad cone to the vendor today and got another cone from a different dye lot which is much stronger. I'll wait and see how the fabric actually comes out before I risk using the zipper. The zipper was $15 before the 40% off coupon (gasp!)

You have to watch black yarns, especially cotton. If not dyed properly the yarn becomes tender, shedding fuzz everywhere, and breaking under the slightest tension. I knew that, yet still neglected to check the yarn before carting it home. My bad. no one commented on the earworm from yesterday. I took out the embedded form, but you can click on the link if you long to hear it again.


  1. What a pretty band, and a neat project!

    The earworm didn't show up in my RSS reader so I don't know what it was... probably a GOOD thing. ;)

  2. Great use of your colors! It is nice to see other inkle weaving on the web. I can't wait to find out how the $15 zipper figures in!

  3. ...beautiful weaving...and you sure know how to use color!

    Thanks for the tip about black cotton!

    I missed the earworm somehow, now I'm a feared to check it could stay with me for days.

  4. I love the way that the black makes the other colors pop and I sure didn't know that about black cotton. Thanks for that piece of advice. I wish I would have thought to order black when I bought all my cotton. I need to use up some of what I ordered before I can let myself order again.

  5. Thanks for the black tip! I always thought that black breakage just meant that it was old and had been stored improperly!

  6. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Beautiful belt/sash!

    I've been wishing for an inkle loom for some time. There's so much playing with fibers and colors that can be done on one. But lack of storage has kept the desire in check.

    Thank you for the information about black cotton! Is this also true of black wool yarn?

  7. I love the color combination! Can't wait to see how this turns out:)

  8. Very pretty band. I didn't know that about black yarns either so thank you for the tip.


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