Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day '09

It appears the Leprechaun got into my knitting bag and turned my sock needles square! Take a look:
Well then again, maybe I picked those square needles up at Heritage Spinning & Weaving while taking the weaving workshops over the past four days.

If you like to knit socks from the toe up, the square needles make it much easier to do a closed cast on for the toe. These are size 1's, 2.25 mm's....I'm getting the gauge I usually get with size 2's when knitting socks. They're from Kollage Yarns.

In keeping with the St. Paddy's Day theme, here's a little Celtic braid for you on the inkle loom:

Sorry no green, but you can't have everything!

I started this on Friday in the inkle weaving workshop with Robyn Spady. Saturday through Monday we did another workshop on the harness looms. More about that later.

I have to catch up on housework and get some groceries.

Erin go braugh!


  1. The braid looks great!!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day Valerie!

  2. Funny, I'm wearing a button that says just that. I looked it up and apparently the saying has been altered through the years, but it seems to mean You Go Ireland.

    There's an inkle class in my near future. I'm anxious to see what I'll make.

  3. Interesting about the square sock needles...I need to look into getting a set for next winter's sock knitting.

  4. Beautiful inkle!
    Happy Spring!

  5. Anonymous12:17 AM

    The braid and your cunning little purse are very pretty.

    Those square needles are intriguing. I'd love to try a pair sometime.

  6. Hey Val your new Fiberewetopia header is a keeper!


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