Sunday, March 01, 2009

Order....or lack there of:

I wound this ball of freshly washed handspun singles yesterday. No, it's not the purple stuff in bad color, it's the very last of this stuff:

It was wound on my Fricke ball winder, the one that makes huge, orderly eggs of yarn.

I can't stop staring at that perfect geometric order which is so unlike any part of my life right now. Wish I could morph into such a ball of yarn.

PS: I put this post up very early in the morning because (predictably) I had an asthma attack after the stupid dinner at the tavern. Turns out they have a smoking section....grrrr. Smoking sections in any open spaced building are just like having a "peeing section" in a swimming pool. So, up all night with the albuteral and wondering if it's worth the trip to urgent care.

However, Deb Robson had a link to a new blog by a respiratory therapist in training at: Pranamama. We need more healthcare people like this. Lord knows I couldn't take the indifference of the routine healthcare delivery system anymore, and that was 11 years ago!


  1. Aren't those patterns fun? Ballwinders are amazing!

    To answer your question about my Dundas: the purpleheart bit where the orifice rests was never carved correctly. I don't know HOW they missed it! We went back and forth for ages about it, and they assumed it was my spinning. The thing would NOT turn, it was dragging on the orifice, and then the orifice part would pop up and out! Finally had to send that whole "arm" in and sure enough, they saw the problem and re-carved it.

    Now it works fine and I'm getting used to not being so angry about it. I got SO irritated at telling them what was wrong with it and having them tell me I didn't know how to spin, that I couldn't even look at the wheel for a few years!

    Just gave it a good polish and it's shining! ;)

    Glad to hear you have one, too! They couldn't make them today for a reasonable price, with all the solid wood. I think they still sell looms (under Montana Looms?) but I haven't seen any more wheels...

    Have a great week!

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    LOL Love your comment about a peeing section! Yep, makes as much sense. Sorry you had to suffer because of such ignorance. Towards the end of her life my mother's lung tolerated almost no flowers or perfumes, etc. It made her very sad to have to be so selective about where/by whom she sat in church. People who don't have lungs affected by smoke or odors have no clue.

    Your ball of yarn is totally mesmerizing.


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