Sunday, February 22, 2009


My Moo cards came yesterday!!

I used images from my Flickr account. On the back is printed "Handmade by Valerie"
"Care Instructions:"

Now I have little hangtags for my woven and knitted items.

I was thinking about having a friend who is a graphic designer make up a logo and hang tags for me. But for now, the Moo cards fit my need perfectly.


  1. Moo Cards are wonderful and have long been on my to do list. Seeing yours will help get me moving. Your look great. How many different images did you use?

  2. I've thought of doing the same thing! Yours look wonderful!

  3. I looked at their site but I'm not sure how to use the cards. Since they have a reputation, I need to get a better sense of how I can use them too. This kind of information is one of the things I value from blog friends.


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