Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Finish Line

Just in time for the next deep freeze dip in temperatures....a new scarf:

(This is the best picture I can get inside, and I'm not going out in 4 degree temps. just to get better lighting. Even if it would show you the whole scarf and the color gradations.)

Warp and Weft: Alternating plain weave stripes of:
  • 1" stripes of Noro Sock yarn, color S40. Sett at 8 epi/ppi. One ball of 460 yds.
  • 1/2" stripes of 2 ply shetland wool at 2240 ypp, color cyan. Sett at 10 epi/ppi. Used about 300 yds.
Width on loom: 11"
Finished width: 8.25"

Length on loom: ~100"
Finished length: 84" (not including fringe)

Finishing: Washed in the machine on gentle cycle with towels. Hot water wash, cold water rinse. Removed before the final spin cycle that sprays the wash with cold water. Steam press to finish.

Inspiration: Stef's shawl in the winter issue of Handwoven.

I picked up the Noro Sock yarn at the LYS Superbowl sale at 25% off. Didn't pay close attention and this color way is not the yarn with the silk in it. I thought I might still get differential shrinkage since it is washable sock yarn....but as you can see, there is no differential shrinkage.

I did pick up two other colors that do have the silk in them. So look for them in future projects.

BTW...I can't imagine using the Noro yarn for socks. It's a singles yarn, with very uneven spinning, and somewhat fragile. I kept the tension and beat very light on this web. And as you can see from the finished project, it shrinks and fulls pretty much like shetland wool that has no nylon in it and is not superwash.

PS: Okay, it's now 10 degrees and sunny. So here's a picture with a very appropriate pin for the day (click for bigger):


  1. It's gorgeous!! Love the colors!!

  2. I love the things that can be done with Noro yarn. Beautiful scarf.

  3. Very beautiful! Perfect for over the coat in this weather.

    I wish I could understand all the weaver speak...I so want to learn how to of these days...

    In the meantime, I appreciate all the project notes, maybe I can absorb some knowledge through osmosis ;-)

  4. I had the same thought about the noro sock yarn. Not that I am much of a knitter but I didn't think that I wnated to put all that work in a pair of socks to have them fall apart after wearing them once or twice.
    It does weave well. Nice job!


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