Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you see a pattern here?

Here's the newest warp on the 4 harness loom:

The yarn is 2 ply Romney wool at 14 wpi. Both yarns were spun semi-worsted from mini-combed washed locks. The dark color is a really dark brown, almost charcoal. The lighter color was Kool Aid dyed over natural silver colored wool.

The weave structure is from Anne Dixon's book, Handweavers Pattern Directory. It's called Syncopated threading: Rosepath on p. 217 of the book.

The sett is 9 epi, and the beat is 9 ppi.

The project is a scarf to meet my goal of having a handspun, handwoven garment.

The pattern is kind of hard to see looking at the web straight on. Try looking at it from one of the side angles. The yarn will full into place to visually produce the pattern once it's off the loom.

In other news: Tonight's forecast is for high winds and T'storms again. The last time we had that, we were without power for 4 days. Keep a good thought that it doesn't happen again.


  1. Would you please stop tempting me with your weaving loveliness!!! I cannot afford another hobby and you are not helping me resist the lure of the loom!

  2. Oh man that looks good. More info please. What is your tie-up and threading - don't mean to be tedious but I know I'm going to lust after what you pull off the loom. I'm not even ready for 9 epi and 9 ppi - need even numbers still.

  3. It is beautiful Valerie ~

    Did you dye the Romney? If you did, then it is handdyed, handspun, handwoven...great googlies--you've scored the trifecta!

    ...and I can see the pattern, and it looks just lovely from here.


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