Friday, February 20, 2009

Didn't see that coming....

We'll call this the "Trifecta Scarf" based on Cyndy's comment from a previous post. All of the yarn is handspun, the blue yarn is hand dyed, and the scarf is handwoven, hence "Trifecta".

Here you see the scarf, off the loom, fringe twisted, and ready for wet finishing:
If you click on the picture, you will see all of the yarn is relatively smooth and firmly twisted. The fiber in both yarns is a fine Romney from Kirsten Holbo at Ironwater Ranch. I spun this a good while ago for a natural colored fair isle sweater. Long time readers may remember the sweater. It was posted at my previous blog home.

The yarn was spun from mini-combed locks using a semi-worsted draw.

Below is the scarf after wet finishing. I put it in the gentle cycle of the washer with synthropol and a couple of bath towels and monitored it carefully. Click the picture for big to see what happened:

The dark chocolate brown yarn behaved itself. The blue yarn boucle'd out....all over the place!? This is truly puzzling since I used this yarn in the fair isle sweater which has been washed (gently, but still washed) many times and the yarns have not done this. And why the blue and not the brown?

Look closer: (BTW....that diagonal break in the pattern on the left third of the picture is the selvedge.)

There are a couple things I can think of:
  • The blue yarn was a silver grey wool and slightly more coarse than the brown.
  • The blue was spun first and my mini-combs were relatively new to me. (Like I said, I spun this a long time ago.)
  • I"m pretty sure I spun this right off the combs rather than pull it off into top. In doing so, it's possible that I was fighting the combs a bit and stretched the fibers as the twist was going into the yarn. (But then, why hasn't the sweater yarn "boucle'd"?)
  • Another possible factor is that I used the electric bobbin winder to wind the bobbins from center pull balls. I'm pretty sure that this put more twist into the yarn as it was going onto the bobbins. Both yarns were wet finished after spinning earlier. So maybe this contributed in some way. (But why the blue and not the brown? However, the weft is a bit more boucle'd than the warp.) took a few days, but I have come to like the scarf just the way it is. In fact it's really more interesting this way than what I had planned. People at weaver's guild yesterday paid more attention to that scarf than the Noro one, wanting to know how I got that boucle effect in handspun. (I couldn't reproduce it if I tried! Ack!) I'm just grateful that it did it uniformly through out the scarf.

And here's another "didn't see that coming":

Last night I was plying spindle spun cotton/silk on the wheel while watching CSI. The singles yarn was on 6" shuttle bobbins, mounted on the Schacth lazy kate. The kate was on the sewing box just behind me to the left. Jazzy was in my lap for a good part of the time with the plyed yarn feeding into the wheel over her head. She batted at the yarn a few times then I thought we came to an understanding, and she left it alone. After awhile she left my lap and I just forgot about her.

Within 10 minutes, she came racing up behind the kate, snatched both singles in her mouth and ran across the room until they broke. Grrrrr.....

I lost a bit of handspun and missed part of CSI while cleaning up the mess and trying to preserve yarn.

Doesn't the look on her face say, "Whatttt?! It was yarn. I'm a cat. Get over it."

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  1. Yay! Love it--love what happened re the boucle'd thing!

    I had to go diving into my archives to find the post about when it happened me:

    I was using BL locks..spun from the butt end. The spun yarn had been washed, the twist set...but after weaving and fulling--presto--instant boucle! I figured it was the locks returning to their original curly state...

    Your scarf has me puzzled...why the blue and not the brown indeed!?

    It does make for nice texture, I'd love to be able to control these results...


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