Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Despite my best efforts.....

I spent yesterday playing with some llama roving that's been in the stash for a couple years. The fiber is really soft and wonderful. The roving is kind of meh. There's vegetable matter, and neps, and it just doesn't spin into my kind of yarn.

I was thinking that the tone of this fiber would work well with this Noro sock (with silk) yarn for weaving.
Trying to make the fiber better for spinning, I employed my Forsyth mini-combs for the yarn sample on the lower left. The smaller skein in the middle of the picture was combed on 5 pitch viking combs. I like the smaller skein better for a weaving yarn.

Either way, there is a lot of waste with the combs. So I tried running the waste through the drum carder and spun a little of that. It worked. The yarn looks very "homespun" and I'm not sure what I think about that.

After all that work: with two sets of combs, the drum carder, running back and forth to the spinning wheel, plying, and washing yarn......I remembered that I have a 2/8's Australian merino yarn in a natural color that would work perfectly with the Noro yarn for weaving. So I will tuck the llama yarn and roving away and let my thoughts percolate for awhile.

One of the first thoughts that perked up was: "Wonder how the llama would dye?" Which made me realize I am really tired of looking at blah colors right now, what with it being February in Michigan and all.

So when it was time to settle down with dh for the evening, I remembered this lovely top that I got when we went up north last fall. This is merino top from Stonehedge Fiber Mill:

The picture doesn't show how the spun yarn becomes a deep, delicious blue purple. I was trying to think of something to post for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent....and here it is: Purple....the color for Lenten observance.

Sometimes things just work out when we're busy doing something else.


  1. That purple color is gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for your comments about the ways I'm learning to see as part of my digital photo school assignments. I must have just lucked into starting when they're on this series of lessons that apply really well to other areas of design.

    Like you, I took a drawing class a few years ago. That teacher really focused on technique in a more technical, pencil focused way. (I'm not sure how else to describe it.) The focus in that class was very specific and I didn't learn any of the things I'm learning now.

    Maybe that's part of how I learn though....because I know that with weaving I focused on being able to weave something before I could think about design!

    Sorry to leave a giant comment only tangentially related to your post! (I'm not a spinner, so all I can do is love that purple color!)


  2. The purple is absolutely lovely and so appropriate for today. Perhaps you can use it with the grey. I've noticed that the Smith and Jamison jumper weight yarns often are a dyed yarn plied with a grey yarn in their two-ply. Or not~

    I read Ian a really funny Billy Collins poem tonight. Collins isn't always a gloomy gus.

  3. Nice how the season led you into all that beautiful purple--very appropriate!


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