Monday, February 09, 2009

Can't Take My Eyes Off You....

I finally finished and cut this warp off the loom:

I liked this fabric on the loom. I like it even better off the loom. The color and the movement of the pattern are mesmerizing to me. That said, I would never put such a loud fabric on my body...well maybe as a scarf or a small accent. But this fabric has way too stiff a hand for that. It's more appropriate for table runners, small bags, glasses case, or journal cover.

The history of the project is here

Also this weekend I pieced another one of these quilt tops. It's the time of year when our church assembles these quilts in anticipation of our high school graduates in May.

This afternoon I'll be winding two more warps that are planned for the floor looms. It seems I'm finally "on a roll" here.


  1. You are on a roll!! You go!!

    That is gorgeous fabric!! It does seem like it would make a very nice journal cover. (Or any other of your ideas.)


  2. Valerie--you rock when you are on a roll ;-)

    The history of the project is my favorite nice to watch it all come together.

  3. Beautiful colours Val! I can hardly wait to see what your final projects are...

  4. Oh boy, that turned our terrific. I wonder if it would make a good book cover. They used to be the rage and I haven't seen one in years. I'm so jealous of your time.


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