Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things

Sharon asked if I would consider doing the 25 Random Things meme that's been going around. With some hesitation and many reservations, I'll begin:

1. I sometimes have dreams that are auditory only, no visuals. Upon waking, these are more realistic and disorienting than regular dreams. Ask dh about the January night that I sent him out to the driveway at 2 AM because I heard someone out there who needed help.

2. I have a very accute sense of smell. It's the first thing I notice when entering a space. At home this sometimes leads to rampaging searches for "that smell".

3. There are two things I can say to make both my husband and son twitch:
  • What's that sound?
  • What's that smell?
4. I have a largish flesh colored mole below the right corner of my mouth which has been there for years and years. It does not have a hair coming out of it.

5. I have decided that I will have it removed if/when I become a grandmother. Who wants to be the grandmother with a wart on her chin?

6. I might change my mind about #5 if the other grandmother has a mole with a hair in it.

7. For me, planning meals for flavor and color combinations is a creative act. I really enjoy thinking about and putting some effort and planning into what flavors go together and what the presentation will look like on the plate.

8. The importance of # 7 came to my attention the night I made a supper of whitefish, cauliflower, and rice.

9. My dinnerware is white. (see #8)

10. I saw my first 3D movie in 1960. It was 13 Ghosts. I couldn't see that the movie was any different with or without the stupid cardboard glasses.

11. I saw my next 3D movie yesterday. It was Coraline. 3D technology has improved a great deal in 49 years.

12. I've worn corrective lenses since 1965. Perhaps I should have worn glasses since 1960? (see #10)

13. I read approximately a book per week not counting fiber/technical books. This started in 10th grade when my social studies teacher, Mr. Maestro, pointed out that if we read for an hour a day, that would be about 60 pages. At the end of the week, we would have completed about 420 pages which is slightly more than an average book.

14. I taught my husband to read in bed. (Seriously, it's something he never even thought of doing before I came along!)

15. I am not registered to any political party, instead I am registered "independent" and have been for 30+ years.

16. The 2008 presidential election marked the first time in my voting life that I actually voted for a candidate rather than against the least desirable option. We won!

17. In 30+ years of voting life, I've observed that Republicans are sore losers and are often rabid winners. On the other hand, Democrats are bumbling losers, but tend to produce great states persons.

18. I am married to a registered Republican (who even contributes to the party!). He's the exception that proves the rule (see # 17)

19. As a result of #18, we get solicitation calls from various branches of the Republican Party. I like to "mess with" those callers. I consider it paid entertainment.

20. I would not have publicly admitted #19 during the last administration. (Let's face it, they were a scary lot!)

21. One of my fondest memories is scuba diving with the manatees in Crystal River, Fla. on my 25th birthday. It's sad that others have used this privilege to harass these gentle giants.

22. Another of my favorite vacations was backpacking on the Continental Divide in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness Area of Montana. We were out for 8 days/7 nights and saw a double rainbow ending right in the lake by our campsite the first night out. It was magic...even without the leprechaun and his pot o' gold.

23. I love backpacking. I hate camping (the kind with a trailer or big tent and a cooler). I would much rather eat dried, reconstituted food that I carried on my back and purify my water with iodine tablets, than eat food that has been slogging around in half melted ice for a day.

24. I've been taking yoga classes for about 15 years. Currently I go to classes 3 times per week.

25. I thought yoga had helped my Monkey Mind. This list suggests otherwise.

26. Bonus Item: I've been told that I have a very twisted sense of humor, and suspect that I am somewhat challenging to live with.

Okay...that's my list. I won't tag anyone...but if you want to play along, please make sure you let me know. I'd love to read your list.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your list...as well as your sense of humor !

  2. Thanks Valerie. I really enjoyed reading your list - very fun. I too wouldn't tell anyone who I planned to vote for in the past election for fear of reprisal. People would talk to me when checking out books, and their anger frankly scared me. My job doen't allow me to say anything - phew.

  3. I'm glad you decided to participate. Ordinarily I don't like memes but this one has been great fun.

  4. Valerie, you made me smile and chuckle with my morning coffee. In fact, after reading your list, you're someone I'd love to have coffee with! :-)

    Agree with you on backpacking and food. Both are way less hassle than camping -- and the bonus is, you get to keep on the move so there's something new every day and every moment.

    Bibliophile here too -- I'll even read (and re-read) the backs of cereal boxes.

    Interesting about the auditory dreams! And oy! My mom had one of "those" noses, I can empathize with your kids and husband!! *grin*

    Nice getting to know you better. Thank you for your kind words on my most recent post. Those coupled with the smiles this post has given me this morning are just what the doctor ordered.

    Weave like an Egyptian,


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