Friday, January 09, 2009


First finished items of 2009 include:
A pair of fingerless gloves for ds:

I've been wanting a good yoga bolster for years, but refused to pay the $60 plus that most vendors wanted for them. I found the perfect sized old blanket, rolled it densely and designed a cover to produce my very own yoga bolster. It closes with an invisible zipper and has a handle integrated into the end on the right. The fabric is a print denim that I loved but knew I would never put on my back. There's a fair amount of fabric left over, so there may be more yoga accessories in the future.

And I've been reading about weaving:

A little over half of these are Christmas and birthday gifts (love those Amazon wish lists!) and the rest are from the library.

The first round of spinning S & Z for weaving experiment flopped. So I'm headed back to the spinning stash to pick out fibers that are closer in characteristics while still contrasting in color.

Also am continuing to weave on this warp.

Another storm front is moving into the area for the weekend. I have the sinus headache to confirm the forecast. Happy weekend.


  1. Lucky you - you only get a sinus headache. When the pressure drops, I'm blessed with a migraine. I wish I could figure out a way to equalize the pressure in my head.

  2. Beautiful items--productive and creative!!

    I'm enjoying the pictures on your header...halfway expecting to see your typface covered in snow next time!

    The blogger word verification on this page is wintero

  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    You're off to a great start in the year! Some fascinating reading there.


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