Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Levity of Gravity

This view from the kitchen table has me wondering which end is up:

I guess in the end, gravity has its way with all things. We'll have to straighten that up when (if?) it thaws.

These days things seem to be on a perpetual tilt around here. So the wedge weave workshop I took this past weekend fit right into the that theme.

On Saturday we hunkered down in a warm, windowless room and allowed an additional 4" of snow to blanket and blow over the cars and the roads. Mollie presented an inspiring workshop (see the link above.) However I had not woven an adequate header for the workshop sampler. And I kind of wove myself into a corner with disappointing color choices. So I ripped it out the next day.

Ripping out weaving gives a person a lot of time to think in between unknotting entanglements of yarn and such. While doing so, my twisty, tilted brain generated more questions than answers about how to bring this weave structure under control.

I spent time in Peter Collingwood's rug book which provided a start on the answers. But....there are still a lot of "what would happen if" scenarios that I want to work through.

Above is a little hand held loom I picked up at Convergence in Grand Rapids. The warp was ready to go, so I started working out my questions on that little warp. The process has answered a question or two. More importantly, it has suggested a strategy to weave the answers some of the other questions on the original workshop warp.

I've been a little under the weather most of this month. Nothing serious, just the cranky maladies that come with broad swings in temperature, weather fronts moving through, and more frigging snow than one can sanely manage.

So if postings are sparse, keep in mind that I'm sparing you the ranting and raving.


  1. That is a great photo of the birdbox!

    Explains everything!

  2. I'm sorry to chuckle on you, but you whom I look to for advanced weaving advice, had the same heading problem that I had, and I also had to unweave. See how wicked I am, to gloat on your misadventure.
    I'm sorry you're under the weather. Weather is what puts me under. Atmostpheric pressure drops mean migraines for me. Hope you're spared those monsters.

  3. Isn't it true that living in a place that has weather extreme can have adverse effects on ones mental state. I suffer through the same problem. I am finished with winter, but it is sooooo not finished with me. Around here it is usually April before we see the last of the snow. ick.

  4. I find this time of year dispiriting as well. While it is nice that the days are getting longer rather than shorter, the constant threat of snow and ice wear on my nerves. This winter (and last) have, indeed, been brutal.


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