Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zetor Finished and More Fall Color:

Yarn: 525 yds. of hand spun, hand dyed merino singles. I had 5 yards of yarn left over. The shawl weighs 1.25 oz. or 34 grams.

You can see the history of the yarn here & here.

Shawl dimensions: 28" depth at center; 52" top width. The pattern for the shawl can be found here. The only change I made to the pattern was to knit a three stitch I cord border along the top edge of the shawl. The 2 stitch garter border seemed a little thin to me.

Continuing on yesterday's thread: here is some fall color that I picked up today on my morning walk:


Monday, October 13, 2008

Miles and Miles of Leafy Goodness:

Just returned from yet another trip. This time we were "leaf peeping" all across Michigan.....989 miles around the circumference of the lower peninsula with a side trip out to Beaver Island. Here are some highlights which seem to include more water than leaves:

Our first night was spent in Charlevoix, Mi. In the morning we took a quick side trip to Stonehedge. They were having a rather busy morning, so I purchased some autumn purple merino roving, which you will see in a later post. We returned to munch apples at the Charlevoix Apple Festival.

Lake Charlevoix (northwestern Mi.):

Leaving Lake Charlevoix for Beaver Island, which is in Lake Michigan:
On the Beaver Island Ferry:
Whiskey Point, Beaver Island:
Buckeye Heart found on the sidewalk on Beaver Island (yes, there is a sidewalk or two to be found on Beaver Island.):
'Shrooms! in the harbor:
Whiskey Point Light:
Off the Island, after lunch at the Dutch Oven Bakery and Yarn Shop, and a drive through the Tunnel of Trees (the link will take you to photo's. I didn't take any on that drive either.)

Here we end up at our "happy place" on Lake Huron:
A redundant photo, but I liked both views.
It was such a peaceful Sunday morning on the water:
that you could hear the wind in the wings of the eagles soaring above:
Back on the road, heading home:
These are the Au Sable River above and below the Proud Dam.
More below the dam:

We stopped in Frankenmuth for the traditional chicken dinner, then headed on home.

I'm still proofing copy for the photo directory. Still have to clean out the flower beds and wash windows. And the list goes on.

Fiber news: I finished Zetor. She is upstairs blocking as I type. I'll save that post for another day.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yarns of a different sort....

In one of those weird aligning of the stars, the Canadians are afflicted with a national election during the same period that the US is approaching an election. Well, maybe it isn't so weird, since our election process in the US is beginning to be an all season thing. As soon as a candidate is elected they begin planning for re-election.

Anyway......Stephen Harper, the current Prime Minister has been challenged and is standing for re-election next Tuesday, Oct. 14. He has not been particularly friendly toward the arts during his tenure. Last month the Parliamentary cuts of $45 million to arts and culture funding fell squarely at his feet. ("Mr. Harper says protecting artists and funding arts is a waste of taxpayers' money," Layton said." from the link above.)

If you live near the Canadian border, you are well aware that Canadians are extremely proud to have a culture that is clearly distinct from US culture. Mr. Harper seems to have missed that point.

In a true expression of Canadian culture, Yann Martel (remember The Life of Pi?) is carrying out the ultimate literary prank. Click on this link: What is Stephen Harper Reading?

The beauty of this prank is that it gifts us three times. Not only do you get to laugh at the shabby state of a national leader's literary prowess. But, when you click on the book links that Yann Martel has sent, you get a wonderful introduction to each book. Third into the bargain: this is a wonderful reading list!

Such a prank would never work in the US today. First of all, our suspicions about the literacy of our current leader have long since been confirmed. And the book list would include things like Goodnight Moon, Pat the Bunny, and to encourage growth perhaps a few Curious George titles.

Meanwhile, we eagerly await the announcement of the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday. (Even though this announcement is preceded by yet another blow to the US ego.)

Just to confirm that this is still a fiber blog, here are two works in progress.

More about them later.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I Love the First Monday in October:

I love hearing Nobel Prize award announcements, and the stories behind them, in the morning news as I get dressed in the morning. Reports start with this one

And the first Monday of October is the opening of the Supreme Court. Which means I will get to listen to Nina Totenberg recount the court proceedings on All Things Considered while I prepare supper at least a few nights during the month.

To add to my pleasure, McCain has pulled out of campaigning in Michigan. This means that less money will be spent on advertising by both parties in this state. Maybe I will finally get to watch the season opener of CSI on Thursday night with fewer "approved" messages.

Maybe I'll even get some knitting done.