Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fourth Sunday In Advent - Winter Solstice

This year the fourth Sunday in Advent and the winter solstice are on the same day.......
The way I've been feeling, I could sleep the whole way through the longest night of the year.

No amount of sleep seems to be enough this week. Which fits the pattern since there is no amount of waking time that will allow me to get everything done that needs doing. I feel a crash coming on.

So, back to the fourth Sunday of Advent where the focus is on Mary. This year we've used the Holden Evening Prayer Service at Advent midweek services which includes singing the Annunciation/Magnificat (click on song 16 of the previous link to listen).

Actually, the prayer which we call The Magnificat appears twice in the Bible. First as Hannah's Prayer in 1 Samuel 2 where the taunted, barren Hannah trusts that somehow God will set things right and she will no longer be barren. Then in Mary's Song as a very young woman who has surrendered herself to bear this child. Reading the stories of both women and their songs makes for good contemplative reading on a snowy weekend.

And here's some background music for you as you do so:

There will be fiber things to post, but not before I've had a chance to watch My Favorite Christmas Movie, so it could be a few days.


  1. Thanks for pointing that I out. I hadn't realized they were one and the same this year. Over the years my crashes have become harder to come back from so I've pruned Christmas back until it's something I can live with and enjoy. I miss the fun of preparation but I don't miss getting sick.

    This year I realized that for the first time ever, I don't have it in me to send Christmas cards. We talked about it and have decided to send New Years cards instead. I'm listening to carols and singing along in the car. I think I'll make it a new tradition.

  2. "Lo" is one of my very favorite Christmas carols. That is a lovely recording.


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