Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting and warping...

There was no knitting at the polls. I showed up and was immediately processed through the system. They are using the same optical scanning system that was new at the previous presidential election. The difference this time: poll workers were well trained in its use and in proper election procedures.

So my day goes: From the polls, stop for a flu shot, haircut appointment, and home to this warp. (Only a dentist appointment could make such a day complete.)

Yesterday must have been warping day. Peg was warping, and so was I:

This is a warp with 792 ends. I apologize for the picture quality but that was the best I could do at 8 PM in the dining room. With a cat in the house, I was not going to leave that out until the morning just to get a better picture.

The weave structure is turned overshot. The colors (which I'm sure you can barely make out) are #30 crochet cotton. There's a story to the crochet cotton, but I'll save that for a later post.

For now, just note that crochet cotton has a lot of twist energy. The ground warp is black 10/2's cotton. If you are a weaver, this is beginning to sound like a sadomasochistic exercise. Keeping this 6.5 yd. warp under adequate tension to wind it on the back beam was going to be a challenge. Hence the Rube Goldberg tensioning device below:

This contraption came about after thinking about the recent posts on WeaveTech about the tensioning box used for sectional warping.

This loom bench was made out of maple by my dh. It is heavy, solid, and happens to have two nice handles routed out of the side supports. The dowels are 1" wood which serve as stops in our sliding glass doors, when not being recruited for weaving purposes. The smaller wooden blocks used as shims on either side are from ds's wooden block set received when he was 2 years old (he's now 22, so I'm reclaiming ownership of those blocks!) The steel rod is an extra tie on rod that I picked up at Home Depot. There's another one weighting the end of the warp. And the C-clamps were lifted from dh's workshop.

The good news: It worked!!! I would crank the warp, inserting separator sticks, until the loom bench began to tip forward. Then go around and adjust the bench position to maintain the tension on the warp. Then back around the loom to wind some more.

Now I have to settle down and thread all that through the heddles and reed. That may take me all week.


  1. I was reading along with amazement - you always amaze me - when I came to the tensioning device. It's brilliant, but it's also so funny that I had to laugh out loud. I'm still smiling. It's a great idea - and funny.

  2. I had the dental appointment yesterday for you...
    I was cheering for my candidate with a numb lip!

    Great idead by the way!


  3. Very clever! I think this idea could come in handy for any misbehaving yarn being warped. I'll have to see if I can't work out something similar.


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