Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today is the first Sunday in Advent. This video expresses my sentiments pretty accurately:

We are under a winter storm waring with 7-10" of snow predicted by tomorrow. I've been weaving, knitting, and spinning. More about that later....


  1. ....more presence instead of more presents...

    what a concept! Makes you wonder how we got where we are today!

    ps we are getting an ice storm, I'll take the snow anyday over ice.

  2. Having children with November and December birthdays gave us a chance to really focus on this concept. We taught them that Christmas is a birthday. On their birthdays we celebrated them. On Christmas we celebrate Jesus. Every year we gave or did something for others as our birthday gift to Jesus. Advent was our best learning tool for this because it gave us a focus from Scripture and daily family devotions.

    Now they're grown and finishing college . This year we all agreed to just give one gift each, and all gifts have to be under $5. For our birthday present to Jesus we gave seeds, farm animals, and tools through Samaritan's Purse.

  3. Ian and stepped away from the gift tyranny a while back, though the grand kids still get gifts. If I want to give a gift, I don't want to have to time it to a holiday. I gave newbie knitter DIL a copy of the Vogue Knitting last week because that's when she needed it and that's when my book order came in.

    Our family has come to treasure the getting together and we discover new board games each year. A recent favorite is Apples to Apples - even the younger family members can play.

    Advent snuck up on me this year. I was surprised to walk into church this morning and see the purple, which BTW, I just happened to wearing.

  4. Thank you!!! :-)

    Celebrating the advent Sundays is helpful in getting the mind focused on the truth of Christmas.

    We have always worked at keeping Christmas simple.


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