Monday, November 03, 2008

Random Update:

Tomorrow is election day. We are told the lines at the polls will be long. For presidential elections in our precinct, the lines are always long. I think I waited almost an hour at the last presidential election.

So I've been thinking about how to use that wait time. My conclusion is that the time would be best spent knitting a cap for Knit One Save One. It's a fitting project to take to the polls. I'll cast on for that tonight.

So, are you taking any knitting to the polls? Blog about it and let us know.

I spent much of my fiber time last week wrestling with a new warp. It's not all the way on the loom yet. Stay tuned.

And finally, there is yarn in the stash cupboard (room?) that has been singing out to me at 3:00 AM. The song has been "Please release me, let me go...." My 3:00 PM self has been balking, saying that you could still use that yarn for ______ (fill in the blank). But after about 2 weeks, the 3:00 AM self is clearly becoming the more practical voice, so I plan to work on culling commercial yarn to take to the Salvation Army later this week.

Once that is done, I will treat myself by going to visit this Gallery Show.

I'll sign off in hope that the election will truly be over on Wed. AM. With all the situations (crises!) that need to be addressed, we don't have time for a contested election.


  1. Hmm. I hadn't thought about this, but I think something to wait in line with is a good idea. I don't have a portable knitting project at the moment, but maybe I can have one ready to go by tomorrow!

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  3. We were fortunate to have early voting here so my vote has been cast. I shall knit on election day anyway, but then I knit a little bit every day. Maybe I'll try to knit a little extra tomorrow to be harmony with my sisters standing in the voting queues.


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