Saturday, November 22, 2008

November Light:

November is fast becoming my favorite month. It's quiet, dark, and conducive to turning inward and working on your own "stuff". As someone who loves Thomas Hardy and holds her nose at Jane Austen....November makes sense to me.

It's the month that the guys go off to deer camp for awhile and I have the place all to myself. So here's the list of the week's fiber related accomplishments:
  • Cleared out the weaving stash and hauled 44 lbs. of yarn to the Salvation Army. A few knitting yarns went along with it.
  • Cleared out my closet and hauled a similar weight (maybe more) of clothing to the Salvation Army.
  • Finished sleying the warp pictured above through the still procrastinating on tying onto the front apron rod. Maybe later today.
  • Knitted a pair of socks for ds to take to hunting camp. No photo's since he snatched them out of my hands as soon as the last end was darned in. (Personal best: a pair of adult male socks knitted in 4 days while still living a life.)
  • Repaired a worn spot on ds' hunting gloves that I knitted for him about 5 years ago. Again, no photo's: same fate as the socks.
  • Washed 2 lb. of fine raw wool (very fine Corriedale) in the roaster pan method described by Judith MacKenzie McCuin in the fall issue of Spin Off. (There is no longer any raw wool in this house to be washed.)
  • Spun some more of the silk cotton sliver on the support spindle and on the wheel.
  • Went shopping for clothing and bought: 2 jackets, one vest, 3 pr. of slacks, and 5 tops. Thanks to what I learned while knitting through a few episodes of "What Not to Wear" and "Tim Gunn's Style", everything fits well, in flattering colors, and stylish cuts. The most amazing part is how well the new items integrate with what remains in my closet after the wardrobe culling in the second bullet above.
  • Went to Weaving Guild presentation by Boisali Biswas
  • Browsed through the winter issue of Interweave Knits which arrived yesterday. This looks like a good one. There are a couple sweaters in there that I may actually knit.
I still have a few things to do:
  • finish tying on that warp and start weaving.
  • finish organizing the rest of the fiber stuff in the sewing room.
  • Organize my notes and pictures from the weaving workshops I took with Suzanne Halvorson and Jason Collingwood earlier this year.
  • Plan and wind a warp for the 4 harness loom.
  • Hit the Michigan Surface Design Association's Exhibit at the Riverside Arts Center.
  • Check out the Botany: Beyond Flowers exhibit. I intended to do this when it first went up and haven't made it yet.
So please excuse me. I have things to do, places to go, and things to see.

What's not to love about November?

PS: The wild turkey photo in the banner was taken on April 11, 2007 near Harbor Springs, MI. As far as I know, he did not turn up on anyone's table anytime close to this photo shoot.


  1. Okay, October is my number one favorite month but I have a bias since it's my birth month. I do love November - I love autumn! Good job on the closet assault. I felt the hugest sigh ever when I was done. I'm not going to be fashionable but I do feel free. Love love love Tim Gunn - Ian likes that silly show as much as I do. We're just goofy up here in the high desert.

  2. I *love* the warp picture -- the colors and perspective are beautiful!

    I like What Not to Wear and Tim Gunn as well, especially both of their emphasis on accepting your body and dressing it *as it is*.


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