Monday, November 17, 2008

Update: Just after I wrote the post below, Diane Rehm had the most intelligent discussion on the topic which you can listen to here The discussion corrects a lot of the myths and old information that I complain about below. If you have strong opinions on this topic either way, please listen to get yourself current. Thanks.

Ignorance is...

a. Bliss.
b. Inexcusable.
c. Something to be corrected by gaining new information.

Because of the situation with the auto industries, we who live in the Detroit area are in the national news. It is truly astounding to me the lack of current knowledge and information being touted in the national news regarding the auto industry and this geographic region. It truly sounds like no new information since the era from Ralph Nader through the 1970's has been assimilated into the national consciousness.

For example: Alabama Senator Richard Shelby (R) is extremely vocally opposed to any Democratic proposals to provide any aid. However, if you look at what's going on in his state, there are quite a few new jobs in Alabama because of the auto industry. Jobs that did not go out of the country. But maybe he thinks they'll stay there and be more stable if there weren't an American auto industry? Or maybe he feels assured because some of that work are vehicles that will go to the defense department and with two wars on, there continues to be a pretty good turnover for those vehicles.

For the past eight years I have stood in disbelief at an administration that waves the flag at national pride, then sells out the middle class to the lowest bidder.

Susan Tompor's article on the front page of our Sunday paper says it better than I can.

PS: In an odd bit of synchronicity: Last week I received a Christmas letter from friends in Australia, with complaints that their 3 year old Toyota Camry suffered a valve spring failure. After those repairs there was a subsequent head gasket failure. Unable to get satisfaction with the dealership or the company, they are currently working with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

I guess it takes awhile for a reputation to catch up with a company.......


  1. I almost didn't read blogs tonight and I almost didn't download podcasts tonight either, but boy am I glad I did. That Diane Riehm episode is downloading right now - I'll listen to it on my drive in the dentist tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for pointing me to the D.R. episode. I am interested in the facts of this issues as I grew up in Michigan, and as my Daddy used to say when I complained of the smell of transimission fluid on his clothes. "honey, it is transmission fluid that feeds and clothes you" Here in the south, we do not have Diane R. on our NPR stations...well I won't go in to that.
    I am washing jacob on the wood stove right now, and after I had it started, I wondered how others do it (after the fact, after I jump in, that is when I wonder how it is "supposed" to be done, this is my usual MO)
    So I was researching wool washing simmering methods, which is how I found your wonderful blog. It is a "follower" thanks for posting your posts!


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