Monday, October 13, 2008

Miles and Miles of Leafy Goodness:

Just returned from yet another trip. This time we were "leaf peeping" all across Michigan.....989 miles around the circumference of the lower peninsula with a side trip out to Beaver Island. Here are some highlights which seem to include more water than leaves:

Our first night was spent in Charlevoix, Mi. In the morning we took a quick side trip to Stonehedge. They were having a rather busy morning, so I purchased some autumn purple merino roving, which you will see in a later post. We returned to munch apples at the Charlevoix Apple Festival.

Lake Charlevoix (northwestern Mi.):

Leaving Lake Charlevoix for Beaver Island, which is in Lake Michigan:
On the Beaver Island Ferry:
Whiskey Point, Beaver Island:
Buckeye Heart found on the sidewalk on Beaver Island (yes, there is a sidewalk or two to be found on Beaver Island.):
'Shrooms! in the harbor:
Whiskey Point Light:
Off the Island, after lunch at the Dutch Oven Bakery and Yarn Shop, and a drive through the Tunnel of Trees (the link will take you to photo's. I didn't take any on that drive either.)

Here we end up at our "happy place" on Lake Huron:
A redundant photo, but I liked both views.
It was such a peaceful Sunday morning on the water:
that you could hear the wind in the wings of the eagles soaring above:
Back on the road, heading home:
These are the Au Sable River above and below the Proud Dam.
More below the dam:

We stopped in Frankenmuth for the traditional chicken dinner, then headed on home.

I'm still proofing copy for the photo directory. Still have to clean out the flower beds and wash windows. And the list goes on.

Fiber news: I finished Zetor. She is upstairs blocking as I type. I'll save that post for another day.


  1. Ohhh, sob, I know this is Michigan but all your lovely photos sure bring back wonderful memories of northern Wisconsin!

  2. So beautiful! I think Michigan is underrated in many ways, but especially in landscape. We really do live in a beautiful state!


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