Monday, October 06, 2008

I Love the First Monday in October:

I love hearing Nobel Prize award announcements, and the stories behind them, in the morning news as I get dressed in the morning. Reports start with this one

And the first Monday of October is the opening of the Supreme Court. Which means I will get to listen to Nina Totenberg recount the court proceedings on All Things Considered while I prepare supper at least a few nights during the month.

To add to my pleasure, McCain has pulled out of campaigning in Michigan. This means that less money will be spent on advertising by both parties in this state. Maybe I will finally get to watch the season opener of CSI on Thursday night with fewer "approved" messages.

Maybe I'll even get some knitting done.


  1. Power of the internet: I was thinking about you this morning while listening to Totenberg report on upcoming Supreme Court cases. I imagine Opening Day comes as a relief for her, since she has been on the Vice Presidential race beat for the last few weeks.

  2. Lucky you - the campaign is alive and well here and the phone rings off the hook. I see you read "Forward from Here." I absolutely loved that book. Did you??


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