Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thought you might like to get a sense of where I've been spending my days this week:

The forebears of our church installed a unique and amazing contemporary stained glass window at the front of the church, with a 90 degree angle behind the altar. The altar is an isosceles triangle that faces south and a tad to the east. This photo is a segment of the left edge....the tree in the garden.

The span of the window covers the entirety of scripture. I've spent a lot of worship services just basking in the color, movement, and imagery of that window in the past 25+ years. Sometimes it's a distraction, but most times it's an assist to quiet contemplation.

And maybe it will even be an assist to some future tapestry weaving. Once we get this directory "put to bed".

PS: we had our photos taken tonight. We laughed so hard at the proofs, that the guy threw in a copy of all the proofs as part of the package. He'd never seen anyone laugh so hard at their own professional portraits. Not a good sign! (Actually, there was one that came out pretty good.)

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  1. I miss the lovely windows from our church in town. Our church now is an old military chapel and the windows are in wrong places, providing more heat in summer than contemplation, but then those in-town windows always were the icing on the cake~


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