Monday, September 08, 2008

The Odyssey of a New Project:

Meet Zetor, the newest work in progress:

The yarn is handspun merino singles from here. Knitted on US size 2 needles.
The pattern is by Finnish blogger, Jatta. And here begins the Odyssey in the title of this post.

I have no idea how I found Jatta's site and this lovely pattern. Obviously, I was clicking through links, lost my way and fell in love with this design. The yarn has been looking for a project since May, and here it was.

Although the pattern is made available in English, Jatta writes her blog in Finnish so I have no clue about the origins of the name Zetor. As I cast on and began knitting, the meaning of Zetor kept nibbling on the edges of my consciousness and curiosity.

After dinner last night I googled "Zetor" and came up with tractor pull videos in Finnish, Swedish and Czech which you may sample here. The sounds of the videos attracted the mechanical engineering males in the household, which led to clicking from one video to another. Of course most of these videos involve some kind of crash or explosion...why else post a video of a tractor?

I tired of this sort of entertainment and headed to bed with my current read. Soon I was snuggled into the pillows to sleep, "perchance to dream".....of tractors: crashing tractors, flipping tractors, low flying tractors, tractors belching smoke, and anthropomorphic tractors. A whole flipping night of tractor dreams and nightmares.

Now go back and look at this shawl. How does this relate to a tractor?

New day, new google search, still more tractors and one other Zetor link to Finland that is not Jatta's. It's a bar with a tractor?

I give up. It's a lovely shawl pattern, I plan to knit it no matter what the word zetor means.
What a strangely accessible new world we live in.


  1. Hmmm, looks interesting, but I'm too much on mysticism, but if you love the book, I'll probably have to try it. Book report, puleez~

  2. Why don't I proofread?? I'm *not* too much on mysticism

  3. Helen8:35 PM

    Wikipedia says 'The name Zetor originates from the name of the first letter of the company name Zbrojovka (Zet) and last two letters of the word tractor (or).'

    But, I noticed the logo at the restaurant has wings -- maybe it's a looks like logo thing.

    Google translate says "Zetor" in English means zetor in Finnish, but zetor in Finnish doesn't mean anything in English.


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