Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Busy....

Still working on the photo directory. The studio photo's are finished. Spent yesterday at church with a professional photographer getting shots of the aforementioned stained glass window for the directory cover. That stuff is now handed off to the design team. I am now the official data monkey....entering and formatting member data for the listings.

Meanwhile, I have classes at the Sewing Expo tomorrow and Thursday.

Tomorrow: class with Coni Crawford on draping/fitting. If you scroll down the linked page, it's workshop #1.

Thursday the class is this one with Jan Bones.

This all came about because of the time with Randy Darwall and the Weavecast Episode 26

There's more...but I'll save for later.


  1. sigh...I wish I had time to go to the Expo. Next year, perhaps..

    Have a great time and learn lots!

  2. Are you going to sew with your handwoven cloth???


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