Friday, September 05, 2008

Iceberg or Lettuce?

I turned in this finished prayer shawl last night:

The yarn is stash yarn purchased a number of years ago to make a housewarming gift for people who ended up not moving (still haven't - 8 years on). The yarn is called Iceberg. It's a chunky two strand yarn: a wool acrylic blend wrapped with a cotton spiral boucle' giving it the texture you see. It feels wonderfully cozy over the shoulders and I do hope that it provides comfort to someone in need of such comfort. I have enough yarn left for two more.....very gratifying way to use up stash.

You know that old memory aid they teach you: remember the name of someone (or something) by attaching a word that describes them to the name and it will help you. It never works for me. In fact it backfires in the most embarrassing ways. The yarn is a mild example. The name is Iceberg.....for at least 8 years, when I think of that yarn it is "Lettuce". That one's pretty benign. But you can see where this is heading when attached to people. Better to just concentrate on attaching names and faces and forget about adding anything into the mix.

Reply to comments: Peg asked why I wait until after washing to trim in loose ends. I do weave the ends a bit before wet finishing. However, during wet finishing of woven and knitted goods, the yarns migrate within the fabric. They wiggle together and nestle in among themselves. I like to leave a long enough tail for those yarns to settle in, then I can trim it to be sure the end migrates into the finished fabric.

On the pictured shawl the yarn design was such that after wet finishing I tacked the ends with a sewing needle and thread to an adjacent yarn loop as the final finish. Otherwise those ends would have continued to waggle to the surface forever.

Onward to yoga class....."Flat Belly", uhm I mean Adrianna, is teaching this morning.


  1. Beautiful shawl and will surely bring comfort to someone very soon. I had the privilege of seeing the shawl in person and touching it, too. The eyelet edging on the top really pulled the piece together beautifully. Job well done (as always), Valerie.

  2. I'll try treating ends your way. I don't know if that matters with cotton - guess I'll find out.


tie in the loose ends...