Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy Week...the power of a free and independent press....

My current WIP is a photo directory for our church. A project no one has wanted to touch for the last 10 years. I advocated for it, so I'm chairing the project. This week the photographers are here for photo sittings. So, I am spending 40 hours at church this week and it isn't even Lent. So far it's been a good experience. People are connecting in good and surprising ways as they arrive for their photo appointments.

Two other people with graphic arts backgrounds are doing the design. They're skill and competence takes that part off my shoulders. Once the photo's are done on Saturday evening, I just have to make sure that everyone's data is correct. Then I have an excellent proof reader ready to look over the data.

Meanwhile, election craziness goes on. I am delighted to see that this is finally moving out of the small independent online news into the national media:

Also, take a look at this article.

If you think your vote doesn't count, remember the 2000 election. Our country would be in an entirely different place today but for that Supreme Court decision.

Bottom line, do your research, think things through (be careful of being a single issue voter) and get out and vote....and don't let anyone intimidate you or take away that basic right.

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