Monday, September 01, 2008

Bamboo-silk finished shots:

Here this is off the loom. The photo below is prewashed. Note the looseness of the open sett. (And yes there are dangling threads in the web. I weave them in right off the loom, but wait until after wet finishing to trim them.):

Here it is after a wash and press. You can definitely see the luster of the silk. You can also see that a selvedge threading beyond the floating selvedge would have made a nicer edge.

It's okay. Not my best work. Now I know what this yarn can do. There's still some warp that could be woven as a twill. I don't know if that's what I want to some ways I'm "over" this yarn. Meh.


  1. Beautiful! Why do you wait until wet finishing to clip the loose ends?

  2. Depends on who's looking - those are two of my favorite colors in combination so I'm like, drooling - okay.


tie in the loose ends...