Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spindle spun, wheel plied:
Remember this? Since that time, a bit of spindle spinning here and there has resulted in this:

Fiber: Cotton silk blend (percentages unknown) multi-colored sliver in Indian Turquoise colorway.
Handspun on a Forrester cherry support spindle.
Yield: ~250 yds. for .95 oz. or 26 grams.
Intended use: Weaving.
Source: This stuff has been in my stash for years so: ?

The cops were wound from the spindle onto 6" weaving bobbins. I was able to place the spindle in my Schacht lazy kate to transfer the singles. The weaving bobbins were then placed inside the wooden boat shuttles on the floor to provide weight and tension for plying on the wheel.

There's probably not much silk in this blend because there isn't that characteristic silk smell, dry or wet.

I dearly wish you could reach into the screen and feel this stuff. It is luscious! I have a little over 100 grams more to spin. (BTW, that shiny disk to the left of the skein is a dime for size reference.)


  1. Absoultely beeeeautiful!

  2. That is perfection - wow! What a great idea for plying. I'm new on the drop-spindle scene and haven't had much success plying. I'll try that - thanks!


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