Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy times...

This is a photo from last weekend's trip:
Lake Superior at Whitefish it's finest. (This is not the's one of the Great Lakes. There is no surf on the Great Lakes. It was a windy, choppy day.) DH and DS were out scuba diving in this while I was eating fudge and taking these photo's. Below is the lighthouse.
Whitefish Point has a lot of memories for our family. During the late '80's and through the '90's we were there every summer, mostly for long weekends. The main town (if you can call it that) is Paradise, Mi. and we have generally stayed in mom & pop motels. We tallied it up this past weekend: it's been 7 years since we were last in Paradise.

The primary reason for this lapse is the lack of charter boat captains for the scuba divers, since diving was the primary reason for the trip. This year a charter was found and, despite the choppy seas, a few of the divers were able to get in the water for a wreck dive of two. Here's one:

Then tonight we did this:

I wondered how this would come off this year with the gas prices and the economy and what not. There's no getting around it, Detroit is the birthplace of automotive history. There's no doubt that "the times they are a'changin'. " But it would be a shame to totally ignore the past....even if it was a gas guzzling, environmental debacle waiting to happen. Those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it......
So tonight, we enjoyed a bit of our personal history. My only complaint: too many Chevelle SS's and not enough Classic Mustangs. There was one Porsche 911, my dream car since I was a freshman in college.

However, those are the interests of the Y chromosomes in this household. The fabric of the last post has been washed with 13% shrinkage in length and 9% shrinkage in width. Today I wound a warp of a new bamboo silk yarn (70/30 fiber content). And I've finished the body and the first sleeve of the baby sweater that needs to be mailed out this week. Fiber pictures later......

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  1. Reno just finished with Hot August Nights, a celebration of classic cars. It's always fun. Gorgeous pictures of Michigan - thanks for sharing!


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