Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Well, both Sharon and Judy guessed the west coast.

Nope...think east coast. North Carolina...again. This time the shore rather than the mountains. The ship is the battleship North Carolina, a WWII battleship that saw a lot of action in that war. It has been well preserved and maintained. A good way to spend the one bad weather day we had that week. The rest of the week we spent enjoying the breezes, sun, sand and seafood in Atlantic Beach and Beaufort.

Not much to report on the fiber front between re-entry from vacation, getting ready for house guests this weekend, then getting ready for another jaunt after that. When July is over, I will need another vacation (retreat) just to catch up with myself.

And though I may not be letting any grass grow under my feet this month, this video reminds me once again how boring my wardrobe is:

Maybe it's because I never had an Aunt Susie?


  1. Splendid video! It is exactly how I have been feeling during my move. I wonder what an un-boring wardrobe would look like?

  2. Aunt Susie is my hero!!

  3. That was scary! Sorry Auntie Susie most of those costumes were an assult to the naked eye, some were interesting others just plain freaky, but hey that's what makes the world go round! Different stroke for different folks. Rock on!

  4. I guessed San Diego because I grew up there and saw lots of naval ships against blue sky and clouds.

    Aunt Susie must have a deep pocketbook or a good eye at the Goodwill Store. Both take time that I'd rather spend elsewhere. Should Aunt Susie be my personal shopper, I would wear her purchases. I *need* to wear her purchases.


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