Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Syne,

It's amazing to me the impact you've had on my fiber life, even though we've never met. For starters, you've had Judith MacKenzie McCuin on Weavecast twice. The first numbered episode and the current episode.

I must admit that the current episode is downloaded onto my MP3 player and I have listened to it at least 3 times during my morning walks. Each time I have picked up something different from your conversation with Judith. This is such a special treat since my goal after coming home from my two weeks at Penland with Randall Darwall has been to develop my ability to create interesting, unique cloth with my own handspun yarns. Hence I have finally returned to the wheel and spindle in every available moment.

Then there was Episode 26 with Daryl Lancaster. Once again you tapped another intention of mine: to sew garments for myself with my handwoven fabrics. I've listened to that episode two times. Then I headed over to the American Sewing Expo site to see what they were offering in September. On the first day of registration, I signed up for two days of classes. The first one is on draping and the second is on creating and using a dress form. Now I'm counting the days 'til those classes in September.

As a lover of fine threads, the interview with Lillian Whipple was mesmerizing. I hadn't seen anything in print about Lillian in a long while so it was a treat to hear about her current pursuits.

Then how could your interviews with Sara Lamb and Sarah Swett be anything but colorful considering the work and personalities of these two wonderfully talented fiber artists. I've just finished reading The Blood of Flowers with knotted pile weaving as part of the story and causes me to want to listen to Sara Lamb's interview once again.

I haven't listened to the episode with Bonnie Inouye yet. Primarily because I've taken two workshops with her and haven't cataloged my samples yet. Hmm...maybe I should listen to it while sorting through that stuff.

All this, and now your latest venture with Weavezine. What fun!

Thanks so much for pouring out your love of weaving in a way that benefits all of us. I'll be sending a donation before the next episode of Weavecast goes up.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful post! I'm delighted that you're enjoying WeaveCast and WeaveZine and that you've been inspired to try new things in fiber arts. :>

    How was the class with Randy Darwall? I've seen his work and it's amazing. I hope someday to be able to talk him into being a guest on WeaveCast.

    Well, I'm off to finish editing audio for the July episode!

    Happy Weaving!


  2. I have subscribed to Syne's podcast for quite a while now and have heard all those interviews. I have loved everyone of them, but the one with Daryl Lancaster touched me especially and brought tears to my eyes. I hope to one day think of myself as a weaver.

  3. Here! Here! I couldn't agree with you more.

  4. Woah! I have a lot of listening to do!


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