Friday, June 27, 2008

Random Stuff...

This is the actual fiber output for this week:

Supported spindle spinning of a silk/cotton blend. The yarn on the bobbin (for scale, it's a 6" bobbin for a large boat shuttle) is .25 oz of singles yarn. I haven't measured the yardage. This is admittedly slow, fussy stuff. But it's what my hands need to do right now and I've learned that things go best when I follow that muse.

There's a bobbin full of this same fiber spun on my saxony wheel which has a good deal more twist. I suspect that all this is headed to warp yarn spun on the wheel and weft yarn spun on the spindle coming together in a delicate woven fabric. For the sake of durability they will likely be two ply yarns.

I have also spent more time with Fiberworks, designing drafts. I've come up with a blended overshot draft that I like and have procured the accent thread called for in the design:

Left to right: 10/2 cotton pattern thread, 20/2 cotton warp & tabby, 20/2 accent thread for warp and tabby. If the design works well, it may be translated to silk in the future. Oh yeah, I've also been shopping for silk purchases yet, just window shopping.

The weather is hot and muggy with thunderstorms rolling through on a regular basis. Everything outside is green and jungle-y, which beats brittle and dry.

I ran into this guy while out weeding the flower beds the other day. We tend to agree on this type of weather. We like all the green and the moisture. But it tends to make us a bit.......



  1. I love those blues and gold and can't wait to see how they translate to woven cloth.

    I just came in from outside. That turtle is *exactly* how it feels out there!

  2. vickie4:09 PM

    Oh Valerie--your writing is superb. And the colors you create make any rainy and gloomy day special!!

  3. What lovely yarn you have spun! What type of spindle is that, if I may ask?

    Um, is that a baby snapping turtle??? If so, please do be careful - they can reach all the way around to their tails to bite! (Move it with a shovel, not by picking it up with your hands...)

  4. The fiber you're spinning is gorgeous I'm not sure I have ever seen cotton/silk roving. Who would think that a turtle could attract slugs.

  5. Love the texture of your spindle pictures. What a clever background. And the spun silk/cotton is very pretty, it will make something delicately beautiful.

    Poor turtle having to endure slugs. Ug (From the land of giant slugs.)

  6. Have fun with that fine fine fine spinning! It looks beautiful!
    That poor turtle! On the plus side, he probably doesn't even realize that he has hitch hikers!

  7. I'm with Stasia...what make of spindle is that?


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